4 modes in one Applet!

Applet Tag Example:
Open your HTML source file with any TEXT editor, cut'n'paste following code to your HTML source between <BODY> and </BODY> tags of HTML document.
You also will need to copy hotnewsticker.class and hotnewsticker.txt files to the same directory as well as all images you will use in the applet.

 CODE=hotnewsticker.class WIDTH=300 HEIGHT=20
<PARAM NAME="PAUSE"       VALUE="1000">
<PARAM NAME="STEP"        VALUE="5">
<PARAM NAME="FONT"        VALUE="Dialog, 1, 10">
<PARAM NAME="URL"         VALUE="./hotnewsticker.txt">
<PARAM NAME="HCOLOR"      VALUE="0000ff">
<PARAM NAME="TARGET"      VALUE="_self">
<PARAM NAME="KEY"         VALUE="Free Version">
<PARAM NAME="AUTHOR"      VALUE="Virtual_Max (">
Applet Parameters description:
DELAY and PAUSE are animation control parameters: frame shift delay and pause between two messages. Both times are in milliseconds.

STEP is shift step in pixels

FONT include FontName, FontStyle and FontSize in pixels. You can use one of the following FontNames: "TimesRoman","Dialog","Helvetica","Courier", FontStyles: 0-plain, 1-bold, 2-italics, 3-boldItalics. FontSize is font size in pixels.

URL. Applet loads messages from external text file. The URL parameter is URL of this file. This file have very simple structure, using "|" character as separator.

./im1.gif  |some1.html |0000ff |ffffff |This is first message
./im2.gif  |some2.html |000000 |c0c0c0 |Message number 2
           |some3.html |ffff00 |808080 |Message without image
./im3.gif  |some4.html |00ffff |404040 |One more message
./im4.gif  |           |00ff00 |000000 |Message without link
./im4.gif  |JavaScript:demo()|00ff00 |000000 |JavaScript call
Each line of this text file corresponds to one message in applet.
Line starts with image URL, note that some subsets of JPG images can cause problems, please use non-interlaced GIF images only. Image URL is followed by document URL, this can be URL in full or relative form, but in addition it supports JavaScript here. If this field starts with "JavaScript:" than following statement will be evaluated as JavaScript statement.  in conext of current window oblect.
Next two tokens are COLORS for text and background, colors are in hexadecimal format rrggbb, without # symbol, this number is actually numbers for each out of 3 main color components red, green and blue, 2 chars for each component.
If you are confused with colors,  use HotButton wizard to pick the colors hex values from the color picker table.
Last parameter is message text.

BORDERCOLOR and HCOLOR are colors for applet border in passive state and for mouse Over, this colors are in the same format as colors in .txt file.

TARGET actually the same as <A HREF=".." TARGET="framename"> tag TARGET attribute. If you are not sure what it is and how to use it, than don't change the parameter, "_self" means open document in current window or frame. One can also use _blank, _parent or _top reserved names.

XOFFSET is a distance in pixels between image right edge and text.

DIRECTION can be one of the following: UP, DOWN, RIGHT or LEFT
UP/DOWN scrolls all, including image, RIGHT acts as typewriter and LEFT scroll only text like marquee.

One can use applet ABSOLUTLY FREE with Key "Free Version" this will add 'Get Free Copy' message linked to Virtual_Max's sites. If you want to get rid of this additional link, you should register the applet and you will get the KEY which will unlock the applet for your server and would remove this additional message.