• Soenke Trzaska: Some impressions of my homecountry


The Northsea. Certainly incalculable but I must confess: I lay flat on the beach to get those impressive "breakers" ;-)


The Westerhever lighthouse competing with the moon.


Evening in the moorlands.


Harbor lights.


The very last sunbeams; minutes before the night falls across the sea.


A lighthouse in front of a great sky. Take a magnifying glass if you don`t belive me.


Did you know where your wooly clothes are coming from? ...


...a sheep family on the dike. Very shy and hard to get.
Especially when they got babys ;-)


The north sea with its tremendous mud-flads landscape. Where else you`re able to walk on the seafloor?


The high tide is coming...


Late afternoon at the coast.


Peace and quiet after the storm.


Marshland sunset.


A tideway towards the afternoon sun.


A lamb on the dike which protects the land from the high tide.


The church of my hometown in winter.




A laughing gull. (I can`t think of another more poetical titel ;-)


Europeans biggest cabbage cultivation area and the whole land seems to be a huge wind farm.